Sunday, June 9, 2013

Riding Off into the Sunset

 This architecture/cityscape was the final project of the year for my 2nd graders. We looked at various kinds of architecture before doing a found object blueprint. The prints came out kind of sloppy, so we rolled it into a space review. These landscapes were way more successful than our landscape paintings back in January. Some students got really excited about the extra details they could add to their cities, but sadly my camera died before I could get pics of everyone's projects. Yeah- my constant picture taking and uploading for Artsonia has ruined the hinge that holds the SD card and battery in place, so now I can only take pictures while squeezing the little door closed for pressure on the battery...
My last day with kids was on Thursday last week. Now I've got a few days to pack up the room for the summer. I've got lots of willing helpers, so I put up a list of jobs on the board for kids to choose from. I said to them, "you can stay for 15 minutes, or to the end of your job, and if you finish you can stay and do another or go." I figured 15 minute windows would hold their attention, and if they got bored of a job they had an out. I didn't want to force anyone to stay or do something they didn't want to do, and they still got jobs that I wanted done. Win-Win for me and them!
I haven't had a chance to review the end-of-the-year surveys yet, but I'll soon post some of the comments kids made about art class this past year.
What has been very heartening and rewarding is hearing my older kids who are moving up to middle school say how much they'll miss me and how much they loved art this year. I met a lot of parents this past weekend at a community arts festival, and also heard feedback from them about what a good job I've done this year and how happy their kids are in art class. Art class is generally a happy place to be, but it's nice to know I've kept it that way. I met with my principal and signed my induction papers this week- I have officially made it through my first year of teaching!!! Hooray!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Kindergarten Dance Party

 The last project my Kindergartners completed was a Keith Haring inspired dance party print. We looked at Haring's work and figures, noting that they were NOT STICK FIGURES. After letting them try out a few dance poses for the rest of the class, I gave the kids foam shapes to cut and arrange into a stamp. They colored in a background, adding details for how they'd like to decorate for a party.
 Finally we printed, and students were encouraged to trade stamps to "invite friends" to their dance party. They did a great job sharing, and were very enthusiastic about the whole project. We had an extra day to fill, so we went back and added "action lines" to make it look more like their figures were moving around.
The pictures are exuberant. They show a little of how we all feel at the end of this year- happy to be leaving for summer vacation, happy to have accomplished so much this year. I have one more week with students and it will all be spent passing back artwork for portfolios. I might do it differently next year- all this artwork is a little overwhelming... I can't believe my first year of full-time teaching is almost over!